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Features of the house

Elements that distinguish it

Heating and air conditioning

The heating bills will surprise you thanks to the energy saving of the building by the support of solar thermal energy


Maximum quality in the bathroom and kitchen tiling of the famous Spanish Porcelanosa brand. Spare storage of all models

Plumbing and sanitary devices

The polybutylene of the brand New Terrain and the sanitary and hydromassage of the ROCA brand guarantee the top of quality

Double windows

Motorized blinds and double doors to the large terrace from all rooms

Partitioning and floors

Double Pladur partition and two-planked oak flooring give us great thermal and acoustic insulation


A large investment in LED lighting and decorative lighting give this home an image of comfort and great luxury

The building containing the house

Address: Calle Eros 7, Madrid 28045, Spain

Járdines del planetario - Phase III

NOZAR's flagship

The last big building and the most important one built by NOZAR, which was the fifth property developer in Spain before the economy crashed in 2008, made with the highest quality, at a time when the economy spared no expense.

It is considered the best located building in the whole area, and the most modern and equipped of the neighborhood, built in 2007 with the highest quality, something that allowed the prices of the year of the development completion (when they hit ceiling prices). With almost 300 homes, it is a benchmark in the center/south area of​Madrid. Located opposite the South bus station and 10 minutes walk from the Atocha, the most important bus and train in Spain, with direct access to the M-30, and 100 meters from the famous supersore "El CORTE INGLES" of Mendez Alvaro, few buildings in Madrid They can boast a similar situation. All the commercial business premisses of the building and its adjoining buildings are occupied by restaurants and varied shops.

Common Areas

La mejor zona de Madrid, un barrio con multitud de services new homes young people public transport and so close to the city center !!

Do not miss this opportunity to live in the best residential neighborhood of the city, and only 5 minutes from the historic and commercial center of Madrid

The Arganzuela neighborhood in Pictures

Improvements de la vivienda

The most important improvements to highlight the housing

The house built to the highest quality standards has been complemented by the owner with many practical and aesthetic improvements that make it the most luxurious home in the surrounding area.

Custom furniture and kitchen bar open to the living room

The kitchen gains space and is separated from the living room by a custom furniture in 4 cm pine wood, brought specifically from Leon, and lacquered in satin white. The useful space in the living room practically remains the same since the American bar allows to enjoy a wine from the living room with the people of the kitchen, which has gained a great amplitude.

The rear wall has been opened to the staircase up through a large fixed window to give natural light to the staircase.

Photographs of the original state of the house allow us to appreciate the aesthetic and practical use of the entire ground floor of the house, renovated with an exquisite taste.

Expansion of the space in kitchen and clothesline

Toda la pared de la cocina se ha desplazado 1 metro hacia el salón, dejándolo abierto por la preciosa barra de silestones de color "verde fun" y ha permitido conseguir una gran cocina donde pueden comer una familia de seis personas de forma cómoda. También ha permitido instalar un armario en el tendedero con puertas correderas de cristal al ácido, lo que le da una gran capacidad de almacenamiento.

The entire wall of the kitchen has been moved 1 meter into the living room, leaving it open by the beautiful bar of silestones color "green fun" and has allowed to get a large kitchen where you can eat a family of six people comfortably. It has also allowed to install a closet on the clothesline with sliding glass doors acid, which gives a large storage capacity.

It has also installed an aluminum carpentry closing on the inside of the clothesline behind the slats, which prevents noise, cold and pollution in this small room complementary to the kitchen.

Installation of a toilet under stairs and storage room

The two stairwells have been used for the installation of a small toilet with a Sanitrit evacuation system, which allows us not to have to go upstairs to go to the toilet, and a small storage room on the other side of the staircase with door disguised towards the living room. The work has been made using the same original floor plate of the main bathroom and kitchen wall, taking advantage of the fact that we requested from Porcelanosa spare parts from the same batches of all the floors and tiling of the house.

A glass sliding door with 5 + 5 safety white-acid cristal and powerful LED lights has been installed on the ceiling of this small toilet with lighting independent of the corridor.

Spectacular lighting improvement of all rooms

All the LIGHTING of the house has been complemented with the installation of a multitude of LED light spots embedded in the ceiling, which considerably reduces the electrical consumption of the house.

The living room is the most decorated part with a modern ceiling lamp with variable light colors, and a structure (stage) that has been installed on site with LED lighting spots downwards and a cord of warm decorative light on the upper part. The other side of the room has several points of light distributed according to the decorative project.

The kitchen, corridors, bathrooms and all the superior rooms also have recessed lights in the ceiling according to the owner's decoration project, which give a great illumination to all the rooms.

The spectacular lighting of the three areas of the U-shaped terrace make it a unique terrace in Madrid for its beauty and warmth.

Installation of a 5,84 m2 cantilevered office

The part of the terrace that is under the upper cantilever has allowed to take advantage of this space with a Swedish glass curtain enclosure (which allows the law) with asymmetric pressure seals with triple hooking, and mounted with PLANITERM glasses with SOLAR CONTROL, the the latest generation of high-end glass and low thermal conductivity, which turns this space into another room in the house and with absolute isolation from the exterior, both thermal and acoustic.

In this room we have installed a custom furniture with a combination of 4 cm pine wood and 4 cm DM lacquered in two shades of color to the oven.

This new space can be completely open to the terrace when the glass curtain opens on both sides completely, enjoying in summer a completely open area to the large terrace in its southern part.

La terraza, la mejor de Madrid

If it is already spectacular inside this house stands out above all for the spectacular adaptation as allowed by the law of the large terrace in the form of u available.

The entire surface of the terrace can be left in the shade thanks to the large awnings of the "Orchestra Londres 8940" model of the DICKSON brand (according to the regulations of the community of neighbors), and which cover all its surface. On the existing floor (it could be reused by lifting the current one) a rustic floor has been installed that perfectly combines with all the decoration of the terrace that has a large pergola of varnished pine wood structure that supports the awnings. The northern part and half of the southern part have been completely covered by 6 + 6 safety glass resting on the wood and half of the southern part.

To improve the visual isolation of the terrace, large pots with natural plants brought from León from one of the best nurseries in Spain have been installed on all fronts, and customized wooden latticework has been installed. The plant areas have automatic irrigation that has been channeled under the new pavement.

The entire area of union of the south and north of the terrace have been used with the installation of a custom furniture, lined with varnished natural wood, and has a kitchen area with automatic fires and a sink to wash dishes, which makes this space an area where you can cook and live independently of the kitchen on the ground floor for almost five months a year.

The lighting of the terrace is a work of art with many points of light in a rustic style according to the style of floors and wood that has been given to this unique space.

Without a doubt, this is a terrace for its owners to enjoy a great number of days and nights of the year in the best place in Madrid.