The terrace in its southern part of this penthouse is the largest and has awnings hanging from the large structure of wooden pergola that has been installed across the front of the terrace. The 11 linear meters of the front of the terrace have been visually isolated from the building opposite through a wooden lattice and natural plants brought from the best nursery in León. It has an automatic irrigation water connection point in all the pots of natural plants.

On the wooden pergola in the middle of this part of the terrace 6 + 6 safety glasses were supported to avoid the direct incidence of rain on the awning. At night it has a great lighting of warm LED lights of great power.


  • South Orientation
  • Rustic style floors
  • Awning
  • Self-supporting crystals on pergola
  • Wooden structure for terraces type pergola with lattices
  • LED lamps (rustic and modern) in several points of the terrace
  • Pots with natural plants
  • Automatic watering